Episode #10: Lorenzo Ponce & Ricci Zaragoza

"I'm from Hong Kong, but, you see, I'm not exactly originated from China, I'm more of a third culture kid. That's what they're called these days. Basically, they're people whose parents come from a different country who migrate to another different country, and then they are born there... Not being able to fit in is not exactly a bad thing, because it makes you very adaptable. It gives me a very unique perspective on life. It doesn't require me to take very strong left or right, black or white, political stances. It allows me to be a bit of an observer. The best way I would call it, is being rooted in the winds. You have a ground somewhere, but this ground is always moving, but you always keep yourself. It's very important not to lose it." - Lorenzo Ponce
"I'm from Venezuela, from Caracas, the capital. You basically live in a cage. My parents in Caracas create these walls trying to protect you, but at the same time these walls keep you from living a normal life. There are many things you guys would take for granted that we don't. As simple as going for a walk. We can't do that back home. The thing is, I don't picture myself living anywhere but Caracas. Despite everything. Yes, it's the most dangerous city in the world. Yes, there's an economic crisis. Yes, there are lines at the supermarkets to get food. Despite all of that, that's still my home and I feel like I'm really rooted in all of Caracas." - Ricci Zaragoza